I fondly remember as a kid wearing some boot cut jeans that had somewhat of a bottom bell, when my mother said, “I remember when those were popular in the 70’s. They must have come back in style.” Ah yes, how the world cycles through styles and then back again.

80s tank tops

If you look at what’s popular now, it is all the 80’s rage going on with hot pinks. orange, greens and tacky plastic sunglasses. Tank tops are cool again, and that cheesy feel from the 80’s is on fire! But wait a second… just 10 years ago you would have been made fun of in school for wearing this stuff. But now it’s cool, it’s accepted, it’s the norm.

As you get older, you begin to see a fickle pattern of the world we live in where change is simply a rehash of the past. At some point once again we will see the baggy clothes come back into style, and the skinny jeans will fade out for another couple decades or so.

I think I am going to just stick with my plain jeans and band shirts, and wait til I’m cool again.

The popularity of the projector is on the rise, and as Projector Critic points out, as the use of these devices keep growing, their size continues to shrink. Projectors were once these huge monstrosities that were quite difficult to carry around. Now, they can actually fit in the palm of your hand. Known by many terms, such as “pocket projectors,” “mini projectors,” “pico projectors,” and “mobile projectors,” these devices are literally everywhere. Let’s take a look at a few.

iphone projector

MicroVision SHOWWX Laser Mini Projector – This is one of the best projectors available on the market for iPad at this time. It comes with everything that you will need to use it, including Apple cables, and features a PicoP display engine. It only comes with an HDMI cable, however, so if your laptop needs the VGA cable hookup, this is not the way to go. This projector can be purchased from Amazon for about $400.

iPico iPico is much cheaper than the MicroVision SHOWWX Laser Mini Projector, but also falls a bit short in features and performance. It can be found for as little as $53 at Amazon, making it a great buy for those who just want a simple projector for their Apple device. It is not nearly as bright, nor is the picture as clear, but at about $350 cheaper, what can you really expect? The iPico attaches to the iPhone or iPod Touch with a dock connector which pops out. Slide the iPhone into the dock, turn the iPico on, and you’re all ready to go, according to Computer World.

Cinemin Swivel Multimedia Mini Projector – For a price range that is somewhere between the iPico and the MicroVision SHOWWX Laser Mini Projector, Amazon features this device for a little over $200. Created exclusively for devices like the iPad, this device features a 90 degree tilt, which very few mini projectors can boast of. With this tilt feature, it is easy to project onto almost any surface without the need of a tripod. It is very small, and easy to carry around. It will connect to almost any device, except for a computer. This includes flips, digital cameras, PSPs, and smart phones. It will project almost 8 feet without losing any of the picture quality. And..isn’t the name just perfect? (Cinemin from Cinema and Mini)

These are just a few of the half decent devices out on the market, but a lot more are being produced directly into phones and tablets now, so let’s see where that goes in the next few years.

It’s one of those days where a sense of being overwhelmed has shaken me to the core. It’s time to take a walk outside and breathe a little. Everyone one of us has a need for sun, and if you don’t stop and smell the roses so to speak then what are you living for?

Ok guys, more to come in the weeks ahead. keep your eyelids peeled back!