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Comfort and safety are the most important decision criteria for Germans when buying a car. This will cost the Germans a lot: For the installation of air conditioning 50 percent of motorists would take an additional car loan, for a navigation system or a seat heating, every third would be willing to take a higher funding.

These are the results of a representative online survey of 1,020 German citizens over the age of 18 on behalf of Good Finance Bank.

Great confidence in electronic assistants


Physical integrity or safety is also important to German motorists: Almost all respondents (94 percent) said they trust electronic assistants, for whom 30 percent would even accept a higher purchase price. For more than half (55 percent), blind spot monitoring ranks first, followed by the emergency brake assistant (54 percent) and the night vision assistant (42 percent).

“The study shows that Germans do not want to save the wrong end when buying a car, but rather consciously invest in their safety and quality of life,” says Sean Cole, CEO of Good Finance Bank. It is therefore the task of the credit institutions to respond to these consumer demands with tailor-made car loans. “

Personal data for low premiums

Personal data for low premiums

On the other hand, the Germans are quite cost-conscious. To reduce the running costs of their vehicle, 45 percent of consumers would even disclose their personal information and install a telematics box (remote monitoring by the insurance company). 29 percent of those surveyed would agree with the proviso that this would lower their motor insurance premium. 14 percent hope to drive more fuel-efficient.

The telematics box collects data on driving behavior and converts them into a point value, which is reported to the respective insurance company.

Investment in classic cars


Driving pleasure meets investment: 36 percent of all German motorists can imagine investing in oldtimer funds or in their own classic cars or already do it. Reason: While savings account or life insurance hardly yield any return, the German Oldtimer Index in 2015 by 5.6 percent.

As the main motive for a possible investment, 13 percent of the interested parties said they would like to drive the old-timers themselves, ten percent would invest regardless of their model preference in a classic car fund.

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